Karina Aldredge

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Hi friends and welcome to Sacred Elements.
I'm here to help you transform your world into a more peaceful environment, both visually and functionally. I have a passion for redesigning spaces through the power of plants, wildcrafted elements and natural materials as well as helping people create their own beautiful, organized reality for their living space.
If you are finding me through Instagram and are interested in purchasing prints, please feel free to shop my gallery
After 20 years of floral design, 15 years of home renovation, 10 years of edible garden design, 8 years of coaching and teaching the art of growing food to children, I'm ready to embark on a new adventure. I have decided to incorporate all my skills and passion into various packages accessible for everyone to experience, including artist trade and custom pricing. 
I'm here to make your home, landscape or office a sacred dwelling that brings you peace of mind, joy in your heart, rest for your soul and a delicious feast for your eyes.
I am currently crafting packages to fit your needs the best way possible. Click the link below to contact me and stay tuned for updates! 
Love and Light,