“Sacred Space Design connects you to the natural world. It grounds and enriches your everyday experience.

The foundation of any Sacred Space is plant life.” 

- Karina Aldredge



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Need a green thumb, an eye for design, or inspiration to breathe new life into a space within your home or landscape? I'm here to help you create that reality.

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Capturing the magic and beauty nature hides in plain sight has become my addiction. And now you get to take it home with you. 

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Perhaps you'd like to know a little more about this nature obsessed woman behind the (iPhone) camera and design? 


“Karina’s ‘Sacred Elements’ Instagram is a work of art. Not only can she capture the perfect shot, but the photo itself has deep emotion running through it with picture perfect quality that only she can do. She is an inspiration to the rest of the Instagram community. I can only imagine what she can create in your space.”

Rui, cactus.man


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