Plants have a way of bringing peace into your whole being and keep you feeling connected to the nature all around you. My gift is finding it and bringing it to you. So you can find beauty around you everyday too.
— Karina Aldredge

My Design Work

We scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and like or share our favorite home spaces because we crave that sense of peace. The comfort and life giving welcome of nourishing spaces. What's your favorite feel? Minimally colored but accented by a few meaningful pieces, a little art here and there and a splash of plant life? Or be surrounded by a bohemian  jungle of your very own to inspire and uplift you? Each person has a different taste and my gift is transforming spaces from cluttered or lifeless to inspired and life giving. So you can feel at peace. Alive. And finally, home. This is sacred space design. 

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The Products

I'm an avid nature absorber wherever I am, but as a Portlander, there are always treasures to find. And whether I'm on bike or foot, there's always time to capture the beauty I find. So I started taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram and found people love seeing the plants through my eyes. They started asking for more. Due to desire and demand, I've turned my photography into prints you can take take with you, hang on your home or office wall and even use in every day life as decor, journals and more. But that's just the bonus. The real magic comes when you're able to have a sacred space of your own. 


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