What makes a space sacred?

The answer is YOU.

A place becomes sacred when you react to it, when you, at your core, feel a shift that both grounds and inspires you.

So what is the first step in recreating that feeling in your home?


Discover what sacred element resonates with you. For me, it’s plant life in all its various shapes and sizes. Therefore my sacred space has it’s foundation around houseplants. Perhaps your element is water, or metal, or wood or earth....whatever it is, that becomes your foundation you build and create in your sacred space.

2. LOCATion

Locate where you want your space in your home. If it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, or perhaps the place you go to read a book in the afternoon. Maybe it’s the kitchen window you gaze at while doing dishes or the living room mantle above the fireplace. Wherever it is, it needs to be someplace you visit daily.

3. CREATion

And here is where the Natural World Therapy I keep referring to truly begins, in the creation of your sacred space. Once you’ve discovered your sacred element and located where you’d like to visit it daily, then you get to do the fun part-creating it! This doesn’t have to happen all at once, so no pressure in getting it just right from the get go, or even the tenth time around! Creating your space is an evolution. Your sacred space is constantly shifting as you shift and grow in your awareness and gain that sense of calm, inspired, grounded vibrance. It’s your own personalized therapy. And it’s absolutely free and open to your schedule and lifestyle.

I suggest you start creating your space with placing your sacred element somewhere that is visually pleasing to you, then build around that canvas, creating a visual story that feels joyful and peaceful and powerful when you place each item. Add or subtract items as often or as little as feels right for you. Redesign at will. There are no rules here, only suggestions to guide you.


Make it a ritual to visit your sacred space daily. Begin to spend time in your space every day, even if it’s just for a few moments to close your eyes and take a deep breath or two, or five. Perhaps you spend ten minutes in your space one day and an hour the next, watering the plants, washing the rocks or crystals you’ve collected, rearranging the newest feathers you’ve pickup up, singing a favorite song, reading a novel or lighting a candle and gazing at the flame. This is where you come to feed your soul and your rest your mind. Whatever you ‘do’ while in your sacred space, the act of ‘being’ there is the most important part. You can do absolutely nothing and still benefit from your time spent in your sacred space.

I hope to inspire you to create a sacred space for yourself too! And, as always, I send you love.