This summer in Portland is the coolest I can remember. Being native to the Pacfic Northwest, I’m soaking up these grey, tropical days and realizing just how much our climate is truly shifting. Perhaps this is the new norm.

Whatever the case, I feel like embracing and celebrating this shift rather than complaining about it makes it far more enjoyable. It’s a gentle reminder to embrace the shifts in my own life too. 


I’ve begun noticing how often I purchase plastic for example. Since I’m the one who does most of the grocery shopping for the family, I’m the one who buys all those plastic. It’s nearly impossible to avoid. 

Saying no thanks to straws was just the beginning for my crew! I’m proud of my teenage boys who are trading those packages of snack foods for bulk nuts and fresh fruit. They’re remembering to ask for no lid or straw whenever ordering food away from home and we’ve started bringing our own bags anytime we order take out. We do get the side eye, but they’re getting used to us. It’s a process but we need to start somewhere! 

Shifting our spending habits and being more aware of our daily habits like brushing our teeth is another part of this transition. How many toothpaste tubes have we thrown away in our lifetimes? As much as we love to dream it isn’t so, all those tubes don’t go to recycling heaven to get repurposed. Instead, they end up somewhere in our world, not decomposing, out of our sight—but not out of the environment. So we switched to tooth tablets in recyclable, reusable glass jars and purchased four bamboo travel toothbrushes for when our plastic ones have run their useful course.

I wonder what will be next? We definitely have plans to add shampoo bars and compostable dental floss to our daily routine and I’m making it a habit to shop locally wherever bulk foods are offered. I’m also continuing to tote around a glass water bottle or ceramic mug in my car or the bike for to go beverages. I always keep one of my tote bags folded up inside my ‘purse’ (which is actually another tote bag) 😆 for carrying unexpected goods home.

My hope is to be more mindful in our everyday decisions to benefit our health on this planet for our society and our environment and I hope to inspire you too! You can sign up for my newsletter to receive occasional updates, seasonal recipes, special discounts and more! Thank you for joining me friends. It’s an honor to have you here with me.

With love,


Karina Aldredge