Nigella Seeds

Nigella Seeds


Nigella Sativa seeds have been used for thousands of years and were even said to be found in the tomb of King Tut. I grow theses organically, in full sun, and they self sow prolifically and (and can take over a space beautifully) each year. Nigella blooms late Spring to early Summer and when the fruit matures and dries a few months later, you can gather the gorgeous pods and shake out the seeds for use in a variety of culinary dishhes. The pods can be used for decorative purposes too!

*Please note, shipping charge include the cost of using 100% recycled packaging. Thank you for supporting my efforts to stay sustainalbe!

Please note: seeds will be sent out after July 2019, giving them plenty of time to dry out and giving you plenty of time to plant them in the Fall or early Spring.

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