Poppy Mix

Poppy Mix


Organic BreadSeed Poppies Mix. Plant in Autumn or very Early Spring in full sun. Since these seeds don’t thrive if transplanted, I suggest planting and then thin seedlings to 4-6 inches apart. It’s very impoirtant to give them space to get to their full height potential. Once the flower has bloomed, wait a few weeks for the seed pod head to fully mature and turn light brown. You will see the crown lift and the seeds will easily spill out for use in the kitchen or sprinkled around the garden for next year. Cut the dried stems and use the poppy pods for decorative use. 

*Please note, shipping charge include the cost of using 100% recycled packaging. Thank you for supporting my efforts to stay sustainalbe!

Please note: seeds will be sent out after July 2019, giving them plenty of time to dry out and giving you plenty of time to plant them in the Fall or early Spring.

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